Module A1 - Language basics

Slides (or pdf)

A1.1 Basic syntax

Open exercises/A1/1-basic-syntax in your editor. This folder contains a number of exercises with which you can practise basic Rust syntax.

While inside the exercises/A1/1-basic-syntax folder, to get started, run:

cargo run --bin 01

This will try to compile exercise 1. Try and get the example to run, and continue on with the next exercise by replacing the number of the exercise in the cargo run command.

Some exercises contain unit tests. To run the test in src/bin/, run

cargo test --bin 01

Make sure all tests pass!

A1.2 Move semantics

This exercise is adapted from the move semantics exercise from Rustlings

This exercise enables you to practise with move semantics. It works similarly to exercise A1.1. To get started, exercises/A1/2-move-semantics in your editor and run

cargo run --bin 01 should compile as is, but you'll have to make sure the others compile as well. For some exercises, instructions are included as doc comments at the top of the file. Make sure to adhere to them.